The State Of Hip-Hip

Anyone else as sick as I am with the current state of hip-hop?

I get that music genres go through phases, fads, cycles… whatever you wanna call them. I just thought this “bitches n’ money” era would be done by now and something else would’ve taken it’s place.

Sound Empire is trying to be that change. But we’re just one indie label in Canada. Three dudes with passion and a dream.

The biggest problem I have with it is it’s not real. None of these dudes are truly living the life they’re claiming in their songs. Niggas that work at Foot Locker for minimum wage are rapping about throwing hundreds in the strip club and driving a Lambo. It’s fucking laughable to me.

I can respect any hip-hop as long as it comes from a place of realness. A place of truth. Joe Budden has one of the realest debut albums of all time IMO – and it has nothing to do with Pump It Up or whatever other garbage singles he had on there. You ever listen to the deep cuts on there? Songs like 10 Minutes or Walk Wit Me are classic. Joe’s a real nigga wit real problems, and he just lets it all go in the booth. Shit was probably a cathartic release for him. Listen to those tracks and tell me you don’t feel what he’s going through.

We need more of that in hip-hop. Life ain’t all smiles and sunshine, bitches and money.

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